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Hardwood Floor Care tips for success

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Research the process

We recommend Pete's Hardwood Floors to learn about the process of hardwood floor care.
Cherryhill offers instructional videos specific to their U-Sand random orbital sander.

Plan ahead

Think about the job ahead of you. Assess the floor's condition. Measure your floor space. Allot enough time for the project.
While our grits vary slightly, Pete's recommends a 13-step process for the drum sander.

Get the right equipment

We have a variety of sanders available for rental, including the SilverLine SL8 and Cherry Hill U-Sand.
With the SL8 Drum Sander, we send a kit that includes seven each of 16-, 20-, 36-, 60-, 80-, and 100-grit sandpapers.
The U-Sand kit includes 80 discs of 180-, 120-, 100-, 80-, and 60-grit, and 180 discs each of 36- and 20-grit paper.
The SL7 edger is typically sent with seven each of 20-, 36-, 60-, 80-, and 100-grit discs.
Your project may require more or less paper than we send.

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